Preaching Christ Crucified

The Association of Evangelists - Charity Number 266005

The Affiliates Programme is designed for those whose primary allegiance as evangelists is to another organisation (eg employed by a local church) but who value the chance to join regularly with other evangelists for prayer, fellowship, and discussion.

Vinny Commons

Vinny is based in Southport, Merseyside and was converted as a student  in November 1979, since then he has travelled extensively preaching the gospel to all ages with a particular strength in young people’s work. He has a sports background, playing football to a very high level, which he left to concentrate his energies on gospel work, but he continues to coach football part-time at a professional football club. He has a speciality outreach with his ceramic exhibition using a potter’s wheel. He has written a tract for sports-minded people entitled The Greatest Team Ever. He is a leader with United Beach Missions and has been on the staff of Young Life as their North West worker for 10 years.

John Green

John is on the staff team at York Baptist Church focusing specifically on evangelism and discipleship.

Paul Hinton

Paul is an evangelist/ church planter based in Leeds. He co founded Connected a charity set up to stimulate and support church planting in West Yorkshire. He is married to Fiona and has four children.

The latest plant which Paul helps lead is Hope Church Leeds, based in Tingley south.