Preaching Christ Crucified

The Association of Evangelists - Charity Number 266005

The workers within the Association of Evangelists are involved in a diverse range of evangelistic works and other ministries as follows:

Individual Events

Evangelistic meetings in various settings.

Church Missions / Youth Missions

A programme of evangelistic events involving one or several churches in an area.

Bible Exhibitions

We run a number of interactive Bible exhibitions for children. These have proved to be an effective means of reaching large numbers of children in schools and churches.

University and College Missions

Week-long missions run under the auspices of UCCF or ‘Festive’

School Missions

Assemblies, classes, lunchtime and evening events in schools.


There are a number of books, booklets and tracts written and distributed by members of the Association. We also publish visual aids for children in a variety of media.

Musical Presentations

Gospel-focused events making use of music.


We offer a year long pro-gramme for training young people in evangelistic work. We run an occasional residential training conference looking at every aspect of the work of evangelism.

Supporters’ Conference

Every year we hold a supporters’ conference with expository Bible teaching and reports from the evangelists.


The Association of Evangelists is officially linked to the Metropolitan Mission in Andra Pradesh. We sponsor evangelists, orphans, a Christian school and a children’s home.