Preaching Christ Crucified

The Association of Evangelists - Charity Number 266005

The evangelists within the Association do not charge a fee for speaking engagements.  Our aim is always to make the message about Jesus available free of charge.  Each of the evangelist is supported by donations from friends, and gifts received during the course of our work.

Tony Brown

Tony is a missionary/evangelist to those caught in New Religious Movements, especially Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. As a former JW, he is keen to help Christians share the truth in love with those trapped in falsehood. He is available to come along to your church, event, CU, Bible Study etc. to teach about New Religious Movements and how to share the gospel with them. Tony is married to Cath and they have three children.

Roger Carswell

Roger is a travelling evangelist and author. He leads evangelistic church and university missions as well as speaking at Christian conferences. He has written eleven books including And some evangelists and Where is God in a messed up world?, and publishes numerous gospel tracts and booklets. He is married to Dot, has four children and lives in Leeds.

Gus Eyre

Gus is an evangelist/singer/guitarist who has travelled widely over the last thirty five years singing and speaking in schools, universities, prisons, churches, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres and concert halls. - always seeking to point people to Christ. More recently he has also become involved with various local soup kitchens which seek to reach those very much on the margins of society. Having spent many years presenting drug awareness programmes in schools across Europe he  has also produced a DVD version of this programme which is still available from him along with a number of CDs of his music. He is married to Wendy and they have two married children.

Joe Kirby

Joe Kirby is an open air preacher and youth evangelist. He works along side some churches in the North West helping them with various evangelistic outreaches. Joe is particularly passionate about street preaching and sharing the Gospel through videos on his YouTube channel Off the Kirb Ministies. He lives in Wigan with his lovely wife Emma.

Off the Kirb Ministies

Off the Kirb Street Preaching

Michael Ots

Michael is an evangelist based in Bournemouth. He works predominantly with students - speaking at mission weeks and training in evangelism. He is particularly involved in helping pioneer missions in new contexts across Europe and Eurasia. He is on the extended regional team of IFES Europe and a key part of FEUER (The Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of EuRope!). He is also an active part of his local church (Lansdowne Church) where he regularly involved in preaching and evangelism. He is the author of the three evangelistic books, the first of which - What kind of God? has been translated into a number of different languages.

Andy Peace

Andy is the Director of Yorkshire Camps, which is a Christian charity running gospel camps throughout the year for under 18 year olds. He has previously worked as a children's and families worker in a church and spent five years at the Oakes Holiday Centre in Sheffield. It was whilst there that he got the vision to set up another gospel camp centre to serve West and North Yorkshire. He also runs 2 weekly lunchtime clubs at the local primary school. He has led a United Beach Mission team in Mablethorpe and also helped on the Keswick youth team. He is married to Hannah and they have three boys.

Martin Povey

Martin became a Christian aged eight but was up and down in his faith for many years. In his early 20s he started to grasp God’s awesome holiness and enormous grace in Jesus and was compelled to share the Gospel! He completed an MA in Evangelism Studies before spending nine years with UCCF and Bishop Hannington Church. Martin now travels throughout the UK with two aims: to equip Christians to communicate and defend the Gospel naturally; and to help those who don't yet know Jesus hear the life-transforming Good News. He speaks at church, university, and FE college mission weeks/events and loves interacting with people’s objections to Christianity – be it at a Café Night or over a burger at McDonald’s! He’s married to his lovely Essex wife Claire and have two kids.