The Association of Evangelists also has ‘affiliates’, those doing the work of an evangelists in a range of different contexts. Some ere employed by other organisations or churches. Affiliates join with the other evangelists from time to time for prayer, fellowship, and discussion.

Peter Barker
Pete is a Londoner, although he accidentally ended up supporting Liverpool Football Club. He loves music & playing the Drums and has an interest in almost everything.

Pete has always been very involved with many different outreach initiatives, from homeless work to starting up regular care home ministries, as well as being involved in youth summer camps. For around 12 years Pete has also volunteered with Street Pastors. He has worked as an Evangelist with his local church, Grove Chapel, Camberwell. He is involved with various ministries including regular door knocking, 1-to-1’s with people, International Cafe & community lunches, and evangelism training. Pete enjoys meeting and talking with anyone and everyone, understanding better what they believe and why, whilst trying to share something of the good news of Jesus.

Pete lives in Camberwell with his fantastic wife Vicky who hails from South Africa and their young son Micah.

Vinny Commons
Vinny is based in Southport, Merseyside and was converted as a student in November 1979. Since then he has travelled extensively preaching the gospel to all ages with a particular strength in young people’s work. He has a sports background, playing football to a high level, which he left to concentrate his energies on gospel work. He has a speciality outreach with his ceramic exhibition using a potter’s wheel. He has written a tract for sports-minded people entitled The Greatest Team Ever. He is a leader with United Beach Missions and was on the staff of Young Life as their North West worker for many years.

Nathan Ling
Nathan is an evangelist based in the Midlands. He works from his local Church (Arnesby Baptist Church) and is on the staff of Young Life (NYLC). He is involved in evangelism to all ages and backgrounds but with a particular heart for reaching children.

He works in schools, holiday camps, Bible clubs, YL branches, Open Air outreaches and is involved in regular preaching and evangelism. Nathan trained as an Engineer with the Royal Navy before leaving to train with Foundation Matters. He now lives in South Leicestershire with his delightful wife Ellie