Our Work

The workers within the Association of Evangelists are involved in a diverse range of evangelistic works and other ministries as follows:

Individual Events
Evangelistic meetings in various settings.

Church Missions / Youth Missions
A programme of evangelistic events involving one or several churches in an area.

Bible Exhibitions
We run a number of interactive Bible exhibitions for children. These have proved to be an effective means of reaching large numbers of children in schools and churches.

University and College Missions
Week-long Events Weeks run under the auspices of UCCF or ‘Festive’

School Missions
Assemblies, classes, lunchtime and evening events in schools.

There are a number of books, booklets and tracts written and distributed by members of the Association. We also publish visual aids for children in a variety of media.

Musical Presentations
Gospel-focused events making use of music.

We run an annual training conference and other individual events looking at every aspect of the work of evangelism.

Supporters’ Conference
Every year we hold a supporters’ conference with expository Bible teaching and reports from the evangelists.

The Association of Evangelists is officially linked to the Metropolitan Mission in Andra Pradesh. We sponsor evangelists, orphans, a Christian school and a children’s home.